Heavy duty multifunction dim sum gas steamer

Attachments available: Steamer cabinet, Rice roll cheong fun, Dim sum tray and Bamboo basket

  • Reliable: You can manually clean limescale buildup and the steamer tank is easily removed. Fewer connecting parts and seals for easy maintenance. Heavy gauge stainless steel construction
  • Safe: CE certified with overheat protection.
  • Powerful: cooks quickly to avoid sogginess. From cold to full steam in under 20 minutes.
  • Economical: High-efficiency burner reduces gas consumption. Low water consumption because steamer’s top does not need water cooling.
  • Simple: Push-button piezo-electric ignition and auto-fill water.

  • Multifunction: Attachments available for dim sum (trays and lid) and rice roll cheung fun. Included as standard is a 7 hole plate (for bamboo steaming baskets)
  • Required connections: 3/4″ BSP natural gas (31 kW), 15 mm cold water (max consumption 20 L/hr). Tank drains through pipe at front in to a bucket or gulley. Looking for electric power? Click here.
  • Dimensions: W700 x D970. Fits through standard size doors. Castor wheels as standard. Double cheong fun attachment increases width to 900. Height from floor: 730 working surface, 1200 top of flue, 1850 top of optional cabinet attachment.
  • Steaming cabinet version: 3 drop-down compartments. Consumption and connections as above, dimensions W685xD1040xH1830

Made in Great Britain 12 month parts and labour warranty