Fat fryer cleaner (fryer klene)
Fat fryer cleaner demo
Far East Fat Fryer Cleaner (5 kg)
  • Powdered, simply add water and dilute as required
  • Especially formulated for grease removal from all kitchen equipment
  • Famous for its powerful action, very useful for deep cleaning with minimal effort
  • Food safe
  • Economical to use (typically 25g per litre of water when cleaning fryers)
  • Great for cleaning mesh grease filters, simply leave to soak
  • Exclusive to Far East Kitchen Solutions

This is a highly powerful product and MUST be used in conjunction with gloves and goggles!

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3 in 1 Sanitiser, Degreaser and Shine
Food safe sanitiser and degreaser 3 in 1 information
Far East Food Safe Sanitiser and Degreaser (makes 20 spray bottles)

3 in 1: Degreases, Sanitises and Shines
Scroll down to see demonstration video!

  • Easy to store: Each 10 cm tub makes 20 spray bottles (total 14 litres)
  • Quick and easy to use: The powder is pre-measured in plastic capsules that dissolve in water. There’s no need to measure or come in to contact with concentrated chemicals. There is no need to cut or pierce the plastic capsules as they dissolve in water, so there’s no mess.
  • Powerful: Degreases, anti-bacterial disinfects and sanitises to BS EN 1276 standards.
  • Food safe: Does not deodorise or contain perfumes/scents
  • Suitable for all commercial kitchen surfaces: Will add a lasting shine to all metal surfaces and suitable for use on plastic and wood too
  • Great Value: equivalent to only 83p per 700 ml bottle!
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Stainless steel scrubber for kitchen (box of 6)
Far East Stainless Steel Scrubbers (box of 6)
  • Safe for food use
    • Leaves no harmful metal deposits in the pan
  • Durable
    • Will not splinter in the hand
    • Will not rust or corrode, even when used with chemical solutions
    • Outlasts nylon pads and lasts longer than other metal scrubbers
  • Effective
    • Great for cleaning dried-on or burnt-in food with minimum effort
    • Use in woks, pots and pans (not suitable for non-stick coatings)
    • Use in professional commercial catering or your home’s domestic kitchen

Box of 6 stainless steel scrubbing sponges, hardwearing heavy duty

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Steamer descaling powder
Steamer descaling before after
Far East Steamer Descaler Powder (2.5 kg)


  • Steamer descaling powder (food grade) in 2.5 kg tub
  • Especially formulated for use with Far East CEST steamer but can be used with any steamer stainless steel tank
  • Recommend use once per month to remove limescale build up and calcium deposits.
    • Extend the steamer tank life, improve steam generation efficiency and reduce gas consumption.
  • Use 1 tub per steamer tank (no measuring necessary)
    • Add powder, fill tank with water, heat up, then turn off, cover and leave overnight.
    • In the morning, drain descaling solution and rinse thoroughly. Some scrubbing maybe necessary for heavy scaling.
[1] ŒFlush tank with hot water. [2] Add descaling powder (50g per litre of water. That’s 1 tub for a 40L steamer tank. Double the dose for heavy scale). [3]ŽRefill tank with water to normal operating level. [4]Switch on steamer and heat the water until very hot, but not boiling (as it may overflow). If possible, operate steamer without tank cover [5]Once water is hot, switch the steamer off. If powder has not completely dissolved, agitate water with a suitable implement, avoiding splashing. Cover tank and leave over night. ‘[6]After 8+ hours, drain the tank and flush thoroughly with cold water. For heavy scaling, after rinsing it may be necessary to scrub the tank interior with a stiff bristled brush to loosen remaining scale.  [7]’ Refill steamer with water and heat to normal working temperature, then drain to remove all traces of the descaling solution

Do NOT mix with bleach or other chemicals, this may cause noxious fumes! Avoid contact with skin and wash hands thoroughly after handling. Keep out of reach of children. Contains food grade citric acid (FFC6, E330)

Irritant: Causes serious eye irritation. Wear eye/face protection.   IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.         If eye irritation persists: Get medical advice/attention

1 蒸爐水槽加熱水
2 加除垢粉(50g 1公升水)1桶40公升水
3 加水到正常水位
4 加熱(不要沸)
5 水熱後關掉煤氣, 檢查所有除垢粉都溶化, 浸過夜。
6 排掉所有水在槽中,確定所有除垢粉都清洗去。太重垢可能要擦法。
7 加水到正常水位,加熱,排掉所有水在槽中



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